Industrial automation


The world of industrial automation has experienced radical changes in recent decades, seeing a constant and widespread proliferation of electronics, replacing other technologies.

For years Mastertech has been a leading role in this change by developing custom solutions for its customers.

The several applications we faced, allow us to be today the best partner also for heterogeneous systems and great ones.The variety of applications we faced allows us to be the best partner for anyone, having acquired during the years skills in creating heterogeneous and large systems.

The partnerships conducted with our customers have allowed us to develop production methods able of containing the costs of customized products even on small production batches.

Some examples of applications in this field:

  • Sensors for fertilizers and pesticides sprinklers systems;
  • Control for flow valves both electric or hydraulic motorized;
  • Electronic management of a coins counting machine based on a CCD identifier and check on fakes;
  • Control board for “needle destroyer” thanks to a fusion process;
  • Control and actuation board for industrial skylights, with CAN-bus communication bus;
  • Control unit and user interface for industrial high speed shearers;
  • Switching power suppliers;