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In the automotive industry opportunities and risks are daily common. The technological progress and the choice of the right partner are the foundations to face the impetus of the nowadays markets in the proper way.

Mastertech offers itself as the high technological partner for developing electronic systems in the automotive industry.

The long experience in the race branch before and then in the series one, side by side with big companies as well as small shops, allowed our company to develop project and production models which can then be adjusted for nano-, small and middle production range thus providing the most qualitative product optimizing costs.

As an evidence of the importance of this sector for the company, many projects, products and technologies have been developed and used, as for instance:

  • Traction control for motorcycles in the series as well as competition branches (both for 2 to 4 cylinder vehicles);
  • Sensor aggregators with CAN-bus communication protocol;
  • Electronic Control Units for engine in the race branch;
  • Dashboard for vehicles, motorcycles and Go-Karts for both the race and the series branches;
  • Capacitive starting for high-level performances with parameters control and set-up by microprocessor unit;
  • Data acquisition systems for racing;

For the automotive industry, Mastertech has also projected specific led lightning solutions which are further explained in the lightning technology sector.


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