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Mastertech was established in Quistello (MN), Italy on 19th May 1998. The aim was to provide service and products to Industrial field in the electric and electronic markets.

Since the very beginning, the company  main goal was to become a supplier of services as far as designing, developing, industrializing and manufacturing electronic devices and systems including also the electric cabling field considered as the interface between the electronic products and the real world.

The mission is to run candidate as business partner for companies working in whatever field in order to provide service and support for the electronic devices and systems integration into various products and / or systems.

The company goal is to work in order to have the customer considering Mastertech a reliable partner able to understand the contingent needs and to suggest adequate ideas and solutions to meet them.

Today, thanks to the many years based experience and to a team of  skilled and motivated designers and technicians, Mastertech can provide a complete service for the development and integration of electric and electronic functions in several applications such as:

  • High performances and / or low cost machine control systems for sales and / or industrial applications (biometric lock, shearer for medical pipes, industrial ironing machineries, coins counting machineries, cleaner, sauna / whirlpool systems, …)
  • Distributed logic control systems (distributed loads manager with redundant control units, movement for table for handicapped, valves control in agricultural systems,…)
  • Visualization and control systems (LED/LCD/TFT display, customized keyboard, touch sensitive interface, …)
  • Engine control systems (DTC for traction control, ECU for injection engines, mixed capacitive/inductive discharge starting, interface units, …)
  • Power actuation (AC/DC engines, electrovalves, inverter, …)
  • Sensor  data acquisition and conditioning (temperature, pressure, flow, distance, …)
  • Data processing (picture acquisition from CCD, filtering by number, arbitrage systems, …)
  • Sensors (position, proximity, inductive, flow, thermocouple, reflection optic, REED, … ones)
  • Wireless communication (IR remote controllers, Radio ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPS, …)
  • Wire communication (Ethernet, CAN, RS232/422/485, …)
  • Lighting technology  (LED lighting systems both for decorative and power purposes, ballast for neon tubes, …)
  • Portable device’s powered by battery



Mastertech has always been working in the micro, small and middle production areas in which customized solutions and the attention to details generate a strength link between suppliers and customers.

The big range of fields in which the company has been working on a national and international level, as well as its flexible structure has been providing a way to face the difficult economical situation in the last years.

The company objectives for the future are focused on two main points: first of all the spreading of the supported customers, then the progressive positioning in the middle production. Said that, the company is willing to keep working in the micro production area as well which has always been an extremely important know-how source.


Mastertech has always been confident in the improvement of employees as well as in the skills achievement. As a consequence the average age of the employees is below 30 years old and people working in the company are educated technicians and wide working experience coordinators.


The current difficulties in the electronic field lead Mastertech to a greater automation and to the implementation  of well-advanced devices.

The full automatic SMD assembly line, the climatic chamber for tests, the last updated CAD software, the automatic test systems, the oscilloscopes, the signal generators and the calibrators are just a few examples of tools and devices which are being daily used in Mastertech.


Mastertech’s suppliers can be divided into two main groups: suppliers for electronic production and suppliers for company functions.

The first ones are dealer of multinational companies which manufacture electronic components and for this reason are now established and reference suppliers for Mastertech.
The other ones, both small or big companies, are those who support Mastertech in all the process which transforms an electronic board into an end product.

Both suppliers belonging to the first or those belonging to the second group, both established and new suppliers, they are for Mastertech and thus for its customers the foundation of its work. For that they are evaluated based on specific standards.

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